Manual Performer Flying Systems

Flying of single performers is often best done with a manual system. They are installed quickly and easily in a wide variety of situations, occupy little space and need no power supply.

Manual Performer Aerial Effects

Working together with the artiste, a good operator can create fluid flight sequences, realistic hangings, moonwalks, swimming effects, falls and anything else the creative team can dream up.

A manually operated system allows for an unparalled degree of sensitivity and control as well as the ability to instantly adapt to changing demands or circumstances.

Photos of manual performer flying effects

We have a large stock of hire equipment available to cover almost any eventuality and we also have the facilities to design, manufacture and test custom built systems for specific applications or installations.

  • Coutnerweighted theatre bar

    Counterweighted Theatre Bar

  • Ground support rig in big top

    Ground support rig in big top

  • Track system over rooftops

    Track system over rooftops

Types of system
In the early years of the business most flying effects were cleated using pendulum machines. They are very versatile and used properly can create beautifully smooth natural flight paths but for the majority of applications these days it is more appropriate to specify a track system or a fixed point system.

Track systems allow for movement through two dimensions - the performer can fly up/down and also across the stage in line with the track.

Fixed point systems - Simple up/down movement. Some degree of pendulum motion is often possible.

More details and tech. specifications of our most commonly used systems are available below.

Types of harness
Details of our standard range of performer flying harnesses are available below.