Automated Flying Systems

Using a system based on electric winches, heavy props can easily be flown in conjunction with performers. 3 dimensional flight paths are for much more practical proposition with automated systems than they are with manual systems, and much higher speeds are available.

Automated Flying Systems from Kirbys AFX

For shows that run to time code or for filming it may be necessary to precisely repeat or edit a particular sequence. Working together with JD Automation we developed our own control system software utilising their background in industrial control systems and Kirbys experience of performer flying. Safety is always paramount and the Kirby automation program incorporates a unique supervisory system operating together with the usual standard hardware safety features such as limit switches, load cells and double brakes.

Automated Flying Systems from Kirbys AFX

Our winches too were designed especially for performer flying and are built to far higher safety standards than winches for normal lifting operations.

Aerial Effects winches from Kirbys AFX

They are available in various configurations and sizes to suit the requirements of a particular installation or as a flight cased set for touring.

Kirbys AFX automation facilities in the West Midlands

Kirby’s AFX Ltd. automation facilities in the West Midlands.